Spongiotic Dermatitis Treatment

    • If a part of skin is irritated because of allergy, the most important thing is not to scratch that part of the skin. Scratching may worsen infection and lesion.spongiotic dermatitis scratch
    • Another important issue is moisturizing your skin. Moisturized skin will be able to prevent ailment. If you have trouble to stop yourself from scratching, you may bandage the parts having spongiotic dermatitis.spongiotic dermatitis skin moisture
    • One another method to feel better is making cold press with cold water or cold swab.

spongiotic dermatitis ice press

  • Wear cotton or silky clothing.
  • You can use insect repelling spray where there is a risk of insect bite.
  • Applying antipruritic cream may reduce the symptoms of spongiotic dermatitis.antipruritic cream
  • You can use one of the antihistamines sold without a prescription in pharmacies in consultation with your doctor. Histamines cause allergic reactions. Antihistamines in these creams stop the reactions and allergy, and also show a relieving effect.antihistamines in the treatment of spongiotic dermatitis
  • Finally, corticosteroid creams sold without a prescription may help to heal wounds. Once a day is enough.Hydrocortisone creams

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