Spongiotic Dermatitis Differential Diagnosis

A doctor or a dermatologist can diagnose spongiotic dermatitis by examining the skin of a person. Furthermore, they may ask some questions about symptoms, family story, diet and lifestyle.

Sometimes, a doctor may advise biopsy to help diagnosis. Biopsy includes getting a skin tissue sample and sending it to a laboratory for testing.

spongiotic dermatitis Biopsy

Doctors may also make a patch test. This test is made by placing patches which includes common allergens on a person’s skin to see whether they cause an allergic reactions or not.


Itching while body temperature is high, may cause cracking of skin and increasing pain and therefore infections on skin.
Repeated itching may also cause thickening of the skin which is named as lichenification. Thickened skin can always cause itching even if the condition is not present.